follow the science

“Let me be clear” is a democrat tell

Barack Obama was one of the first politicians I can remember to conspicuously use the phrase “let me be clear.” He used it a lot, and as I started to notice, he used it specifically when he was about to lie to you. Recently, I’ve noticed that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and a host of Democrats also use the phrase. And like Obama, they will most assuredly lie immediately after telling you they’re going to be clear. It’s a tell. Like playing poker, as soon as you hear a Democrat say “let me be clear,” you know they are…

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10 masks and 3 vaccinations

Like many people, I’m not taking any chances during the COVID pandemic. When I heard some experts suggesting that two masks are better than one, I quickly took the logic out a bit further and decided I’m going to start wearing 10 masks at once to guarantee I’m virus-free. Similarly, I figured that since more masks are better, I decided to get all three of the vaccines available to the general public. It only required five shots, and I was only deathly ill after four of them, so it wasn’t that bad at all. People who are worried about…

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Follow the signs

Fortunately, thanks to the egos and desire to be noticed of today’s Americans, it’s easier than ever before to figure out who’s responsible. Just look for people who: say “follow the science” proudly display an Obama or Biden sticker on their car stand in doorways having conversations wear masks in their cars make Tik Tok videos of themselves dancing slow down for green lights ask a lot of questions during a 4pm Friday work meeting just want people to vote (regardless of who they’re voting for) eat veggie burgers stand in the aisle and dink around with their personal…

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