keep racism alive

Opportunity vs excuses

By telling an entire generation of American children that they’re either all racist or oppressed by racists, we are destroying their futures, right along with our own. Most people understand that it is up to adults to teach children and help them make sense of the things life will teach them on its own. But few actively understand that children don’t know anything other than what they experience growing up. Children have no frame of reference. Kids in the Middle East who are taught that America wants to destroy them and keeps them oppressed will undoubtedly grown up with…

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It’s not racism, it’s culturalism

The charge of “racism” has been a liberal defense when losing an argument for years. Nothing new there. And the Republican Marketing Department, the worst marketing organization in the history of marketing, always rolls over and hopes it will go away. Nothing new there, either. But President Trump, a “Republican” (kind of), is doing something different and going on offense. He’s pointing out something I’ve been saying for years: Blaming anything on racism is just lazy thinking. At this point, racism is rare and hard to come by. We’ve simply just gotten too far away from it. Around 50…

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