It used to be that when a fan or streaker ran onto the field during a televised sporting event, the action was captured by the cameras for all to see.

That has changed. Now, the on-air broadcasters make a point of telling you that someone has gone on the field and they will not show it because they don’t want to encourage that sort of behavior.

Why is it any different with racism? Liberals are constantly talking about racism. They see racism behind every door. Everything that goes wrong in a black person’s life is due to racism. We essentially broadcast every act of racism our news media can get it’s hands on.


If we don’t want to encourage racism, why are we constantly talking about it? Are we assuming that the natural state of humanity is racism? That doesn’t make sense.

If you let kids of various races grow up and go to school together, they will either be friends or not, based on their personalities. Without anyone there to teach them that people of different skin colors or physical characteristics is different, kids will just assume they’re all the same – minus the personality differences.

But by teaching kids all about race and all the perceived injustices that go along with it, we are teaching kids there must be differences. We are essentially encouraging racism.

Perhaps the TV stations got this one right. Maybe we should stop showing racism on television. Maybe we should not put the camera spotlight on racism when it happens. Maybe not showing or talking about racism will start to discourage the behavior.

Why don’t we all just be nice to each other, universally, across the board. And if we can’t do that, then just leave each other alone and mind our own business. If we stop talking about racism, it may just start to go away.

Racism awareness is just calling attention to race, giving people the impression that it matters. Perhaps if we stopped trying to make people aware of race, it would cease to be something anyone thought or cared about.