Leftists think in generalities. Conservatives think in specifics.

Leftists see people as groups. Conservatives see people as individuals.

This is, quite simply, why leftists are fixated on race and see racism everywhere. They mistakenly believe that all whites, all blacks, all gays, all Asians, and all other groups are the same. They assume they think the same, act the same, want the same things, have the same capabilities, and are all interchangeable.

Ironically, this way of thinking is, in fact, a brilliant example of racism – or how a racist would think.

Conservatives see people as individuals, and likewise, see all situations as individual. If a black person is pulled over by a police officer, and something unusual or questionable occurs, a conservative will want all the facts. What happened? Why was that person pulled over? What did they do or say to the officer? What did the officer do or say in response? Etc.

Where a leftist will jump to conclusions and assign some broad-based motive to the actions of the officer or perpetrator, a conservative will reserve judgment. But they will also treat it as an isolated incident.

Every day, all over the world, bad things happen to people of all races, genders, and all levels of affluence. It’s as sure as breathing.

Leftists are inclined to believe these bad things are only happening to one aggrieved group or another and lazily assigns that bad thing to racism. The next step is to “raise awareness” and start protesting.

Conservatives tend to assume that people are doing the best they can and when someone does something bad to another, it is often an honest mistake or an escalation driven by a misunderstanding. The key is they don’t render judgment until the facts are known.

Assuming all people are the same, like thinking black people are too stupid to get an identification card themselves, is by its very nature racist. If you did find a black person who didn’t know how to get an ID, then you could explore why that person didn’t know and help them find one. Then the problem is solved and you can move on.

Making generalizations about a person because of some irrelevant physical characteristic is usually an example of racism, and an easy way to spot it when you see it. Ironically, it’s the people who see racism in everything who are most often engaging in a form of racism.