What is it that unifies Democrats? What draws people to the Democrat Party? Why do people vote for them?

Sometimes I wonder if the biggest draw to the Democrat Party isn’t stopping conservatives.

Democrats spend so much time demonizing conservatives as being evil, racist, bigoted, sexist, domestic terrorist conspiracy theorists, that I can’t help but wonder just how deliberate of a strategy is it really?

Do the party leaders truly see this as the path to growing the base and voting out conservatives? How many people who identify as a Democrat or vote for Democrat candidates are motivated by stopping those evil conservatives? How many people don’t necessarily agree with what Democrats want to do to the country but figure it’s even more important to stop those violent hateful conservatives?

When you pay attention to mainstream media or popular culture, calling attention to the inherent racism of conservatives is often the priority message. It may be within the context of other things, but it is a dominant narrative that can be seen daily, all over our media.

Someone is deciding to make that happen. Someone is deciding that is the story with which they lead. And of course, the unified messaging between the media and the Democrat Party is well-documented.

Has stopping conservatives really become the number one cause of the American left? They sure seem more energized by that then any agenda they’re trying ti implement.

We appear to have a major political party in charge that is driven and motivated by hate. It just seems like that can’t be good for the country…