According to the new book of racism, people who respond to accusations or insinuations of racism by responding, “I have friends who are black,” are just proving their racism.

That’s quite a feat of mind reading on the part of the accuser. I think it’s much simpler than that.

People who say they have black friends are most often grasping at straws to defend or justify something they took for granted. Most people just see people and make friends, or not, based on the same fundamentals as always: chemistry, commonalities, like interests, affable personality, trust, and likability.

They never anticipated that someone would come along and accuse them of racism, so they weren’t prepared to have to prove their purity.

To many, the idea of racism is a nonstarter. To those people, it’s not even a question of is or isn’t. It’s just a completely foreign concept.

If you grew up and spent your life treating people as people, all this talk of racism might as well be people talking about all the aliens from Venus walking among us. Some people see Venetians everywhere, while others think those people are crazy.

Those who grew up being friendly to others and befriending those who share like interests and pursuits usually don’t think racism is that prevalent because they’ve not experienced it, not seen others doing it, and have never acted that way themselves.

But the new racists don’t believe these people exist. Or they don’t think they’re being genuine. They’re wrong.

These people not only exist, but occupy the majority of America. You may know them as white supremacists, but they’re really just the people to whom all lives legitimately matter. The problem is, they don’t fit the narrative. And the great thing about racism is you just have to call someone a racist, and your work is done. No proof necessary.

Racism is a tool that’s very effectively being used to tear apart this country, largely because we’re letting it. I’m not sure how Americans became so susceptible to the power of suggestion, but it appears that if one author decides all whites are racist (thank you “White Fragility,” the leftist whites in this country are willing to say, “Oh my, I had no idea I was racist. Thank you for telling me. What can I do?”

That these people are leftists is more telling than we’re realizing. Leftists have traditionally been the racists in this country. They fought for slavery. They started the KKK. They opposed the Civil Rights Act. And now they’re coming forward as they’re called out for being racist.

They’re coming forward because they’re hoping that by acknowledging their racism, people will leave them alone to continue to be racist. And it largely seems to be working as they continue to segregate people by their physical characteristics and make different rules according to those same characteristics.

People who say things like, “Many of my good friends are black,” never saw this conversation coming, and they don’t understand why it persists.

We’re being intentionally divided by people who are actively turning back the clock on racism by setting back race relations several decades, and those who are just trying to live their lives and get along never saw it coming. Now we ridicule them for their clumsy defenses.

To me, those defenses are the very sign that they truly never thought of or saw race… that is until those who are trying to create that very problem came long with their solutions to solve it.