digitization of humanity

We’re not taking this seriously

A few days ago, I chose to engage in a Nextdoor.com thread about a woman who took her daughter to Burger King drive-thru only to be met with workers who weren’t wearing masks. (It’s important to note she took great pains to point out she was not proud of taking her daughter to Burger King, and she would probably never do it again, lest you’re judging her right now.) For a neighborhood thread involving COVID, it stayed remarkably on-topic. Sure, there were a few posts of COVID or mask studies, but generally, the conversation was centered around whether people…

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Freedom from thought

As we continue down this digital hellhole, we continue to run away from our own humanity. Holing up in our homes and staying away from each other in fear of coronavirus is serving to accelerate our move toward the digitization of our humanity. Before we all started burying our faces in our phones and clicking refresh on our browsers every 10 seconds, we used to go outside. We’d go to the supermarket, talk to our neighbors while we were doing yardwork, meet people for meals at restaurant and talk to the people around us, and talk to the people…

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Open workspaces don’t work – that’s why we keep making them

Yesterday, I wrote about the growing use of noise cancelling headphones in the workplace, and how they’re serving to further isolate people from one another. In the workplace, this is happening due largely to open workspaces. Between all of the conversation, the mechanical keyboards with the incessant clicking and clacking, the sounds of people clinking bowls and plates as they eat, and other constant interruptions, it’s really difficult for most to produce their best work. It used to be that many people had offices, or at least high-wall cubes, so we had some sound blocking, and at least the…

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