digitization of ourselves

Freedom from thought

As we continue down this digital hellhole, we continue to run away from our own humanity. Holing up in our homes and staying away from each other in fear of coronavirus is serving to accelerate our move toward the digitization of our humanity. Before we all started burying our faces in our phones and clicking refresh on our browsers every 10 seconds, we used to go outside. We’d go to the supermarket, talk to our neighbors while we were doing yardwork, meet people for meals at restaurant and talk to the people around us, and talk to the people…

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One step closer to complete digitization of humanity

As computers started to become more useful, and therefore more ubiquitous in society, we started slowly handing ourselves over to them. It wasn’t obvious, at first. We used them as tools to help us think through complex problems. Then, with the advent of word processing tools, we started recording our thoughts in documents that could be saved, digitally, forever. Things started moving pretty quickly after that. Computers could do more, and not just for businesses. People started buying personal computers to do graphics, taxes, and writing emails. We really picked up speed when smartphones started emerging. As Nokias and…

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