As conservative leadership tried to condemn and calm the unrest at the nation’s capitol during the January 6 election certification, easily the most useless refrain heard was “focus on the next election.”

If you accept the premise and believe the evidence that there was widespread voter fraud that flipped the outcome of the 2020 election, why in the world would you believe you can win the next election? Or any other election, ever again?

“It can’t happen here,” is a habitual principle that U.S. citizens tend to believe. Even with all the third world elections in which dictators win 99% of the vote, people think that could never happen here.

Just as people think there could never be another Hitler, that we would never jail people for their views, and the United States will never be a socialist nation, they believe our elections somehow can’t be corrupted?

It’s important that everyone keep in mind we have not heard or vetted the evidence. No court actually took the case. It was always thrown out before any presentation of evidence.

Ted Cruz had the best idea of anyone: don’t make a decision on state electors, just provide 10 days for a review of the evidence to restore faith in our system or expose and weed out fraud.

But to tell people who are mad that our election system has been corrupted to wait for the next election may be one of the larger absences of logic in a past year that was chock full of them.