Yesterday, I stubbed my toe on the bedroom door. Fortunately, I’m white.

If I had been black, that stubbed toe would have been a severed foot and a torn ACL.

These are the kinds of thoughts I have every day when bad things happen to me. Like if I spill a drink or get a grass stain on a shirt. I think about how much worse that would have been were I black.

You see, because I’m a racist. Just like Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. We’re all racists.

Yesterday, after the dust settled, Joe Biden spoke and said essentially what he tweeted below:

Who the hell would have even thought that? Who would have gone through that mental exercise? Only a racist, that’s who.

When an event of consequence occurs, normal people discuss what happened, share their observations, and compare opinions. But I what a racist does after that event is to stop and think about how it would have gone had it involved black people.

Do Asians, Joe. How would it have gone were it Asians breaking into the People’s House? What about if it had just been all women? What about people with Down’s Syndrome? How would it have gone if everyone there had Down’s Syndrome? What if they were all French? I can’t even imagine that one.

If the first thing you can think of when something happens is how screwed blacks would have been in that same situation, you’ve got way too much race on the brain. Not to mention that whatever conclusions you draw are hypothetical.

Or are they? Many conservatives watched months of violent protests where black and white Antifa and/or BLM protesters destroyed property, spat on, swore at, and attacked police, and the police stood by. They were ordered to by Mayor from Portland, Seattle, and other cities.

Here’s what happened on June 1st in Portland, where there have been 156 straight nights of fires, riots, violence, and vandalism:

Then you have this scene in Chicago, where 18 police were injured from BLM protesters. (A special mention to the woman at the end of the video who can’t believe protesters were treated that way just because they treated police that way…):

The people who broke in and destroyed property should have been arrested at the Capitol, just as they should have been arrested all Summer long. In fact, if anyone witnessed any negative consequences for the rioting and vandalism, there’s a good chance yesterday doesn’t happen.

We’ve all learned there are no consequences for anything, so it’s all now on the table.

But it all comes down to this: If you want to keep racism alive, then continue to make everything about race. And in the absence of reality, information, or proof, let’s just hypothetically assume that however good or bad some experience was for white people, it would have been far, far worse had they been black. I’m sure that will help people as they attempt to move toward looking past race and judging people by the content of their character.

I can only wonder what Martin Luther King, Jr. would have thought about how this is all playing out today. (That’s irony… in case you missed it.)

PS – Just joshin’… I’m not really a racist. (Though Joe Biden and the Democrat Party have more than proven they are.)