For conservatives, and therefore, the country, there’s a lot of work to be done to get the United States back on track to being a functioning republic.

But there are two that far outweigh the rest:

  1. We must restore election integrity
  2. We have to destroy the current corporate, foreign-owned, mainstream media complex

Without election integrity, nothing else matters. By and large, conservatives don’t protest. They don’t riot, harass, bully, or vandalize. What they do is engage in the established civic process and then wait to vote.

If voting becomes meaningless and can’t be trusted, conservatives won’t just stop and go home. They’ll take the next available step. Unless I’m missing a step in the process, those steps include refusing to pay taxes, civil war, or working toward secession. These steps are only prevented through reliable, trustworthy, and secure elections.

We’ve already covered this on The Bubbler site, but in short, elections need to be same day, in-person elections with mandatory, verified voter identification. The voter should enter their own ballot into the tabulating machine, and nothing should be connected to any internet. Plenty of witnesses from all political spectrums should be present. There you go. That simple. Anything less will be met with objection.

After that, we have to restore transparency and a wide variety of points of view to the information pushed to Americans via mainstream news.

Many think the free market will solve this. “Start your own network,” is a common refrain. But this isn’t about the sources available. This is about what the casual observer receives on the nightly or morning network news shows. (It’s also about the uni-voice nature of our culture (political, sports, entertainment, etc, but let’s start with news.)

There are many Americans who don’t follow politics closely, as is their right. But they’re still casually absorbing information from various sources. The people I’m describing don’t actively seek out more or different information, so they get it through what one would call “mainstream” channels.

We’ve also covered our proposed solution for this, but again, in short, it involves both parties getting 30 minutes on all networks in the morning and afternoon news slots so all Americans have access to the ever-growing difference between the two points of view.

Only then will we have a chance at providing average Americans with multiple points of view, versus the current state-run media approach where Democrat Party talking points is the news of the day across all major news outlets.

Yes, there are other problems to solve. Creating a third party. Acting without apology. Communicating in a censored environment.

But without solving these first two, nothing else will really ever matter.