If you want to understand the path we’re on and the corresponding resolution, look no further than this video, taken this past weekend in San Diego:

This should look familiar to many. Antifa/BLM have been engaging in some form of this daily for the past seven months. Mobs of men and women, clad in all black with military gear, confront people in their cars, sitting on benches, eating at outdoor restaurants, or just occupying space.

For seven months, this has been allowed to go on, without police or military intervention. And it will continue because there have yet to be consequences. It’s that simple. It only stops when there’s a pattern of consequences that people see and hear about through social channels and on news sites.

What do consequences look like? It’s simple. If each of these people who were attacked pulled out guns and started shooting their attackers, the attackers would have backed off. Sure, it’s not that easy to predict. I’m sure it would have drawn police presence. Perhaps military.

But if any violent mobs, regardless of whether they’re Antifa or violent Trumps supporters (which are a lot fewer in number… for now), see that people are starting to draw guns, or floor it when their car is confronted by angry mobs, and they are deemed to be acting in self defense, people will start thinking twice before attacking others.

Some may consider this advocating violence, but what I’m really advocating is self defense with great leniency regarding the determination and magnitude of force used.

America has never started a war, and I’m not advocating starting one now. But these Antifa attacks are planned and coordinated, and that helps us label them as domestic terrorists who are making war. If war is truly being waged, then we are duty bound to defend ourselves, our communities, and our country.

If I ever find myself, in my car, confronted by a mob, and I believe I’m in danger, I’m flooring it, driving over whomever doesn’t move, and getting out of there. And I expect the courts would rule in my favor in self defense. Because what is the alternative?

The war currently waging in the United States, and there is one, is only going to escalate until those waging it know fear. Fear that they may go to jail. Fear that they may be shot. Whatever the source.

Conservatives like to make noise about their guns and how, “boy, I’d like to see them try that at my house.” Well, now is that time. They’re here. Will people feel the results of their actions?