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Priorities: a 2021 to-do list

For conservatives, and therefore, the country, there’s a lot of work to be done to get the United States back on track to being a functioning republic. But there are two that far outweigh the rest: We must restore election integrity We have to destroy the current corporate, foreign-owned, mainstream media complex Without election integrity, nothing else matters. By and large, conservatives don’t protest. They don’t riot, harass, bully, or vandalize. What they do is engage in the established civic process and then wait to vote. If voting becomes meaningless and can’t be trusted, conservatives won’t just stop and…

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Can you imagine 535 new congressmen in the nation’s capital? (Yes, I realize we only vote for one-third of the Senate at a time.) Instead of slowly bringing in new people who can be taught by the old how to grease each other’s palm and scratch each other’s back to entrench themselves in the system, you’d have 535 people who wouldn’t even know where their offices are. There’d be no existing relationships with lobbyists. No one would be well-versed in parliamentary rule. They’d probably have to rewrite the rules of the House and Senate. They’d look at the way…

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