Back during President Bush’s invasion of Iraq after 9/11, signs popped up all over that said “War is not the answer.”

My response, which I wrote about at the time, was the same then as it is now: “No, war is the ultimate answer.”

War is how things end. War is the absolute determinant. When people can’t work things out, or legal means are exhausted, war is how properly motivated people who are that frustrated and either lacking a moral compass (if starting the war) or driven by one (if answering the call) will ultimately solve their problems.

Today is no different.

Conservatives take great pride in, and make a big show of, respecting the law, protesting peacefully, and being rational and civil.

And leftist, along with their growing militant wing, laugh at them.

These are the two sides of the fight. There’s the militant leftists who are asserting unconstitutional control over United States citizens as they take over the country. And there’s the disaffected conservatives who try and play by the rules and solve their civic issues through voting.

The left spent the year trashing everything, thumbing their noses at the citizens and law enforcement. The militant wing beat people up and trashed cities. Their civic leaders shut down economies and cost people their livelihoods and freedoms. And they did it all with contempt and disdain for the people they now “rule.”

Conservatives spent their time trying to build up, keep families together, protesting peacefully, and waiting for their city, state, or national law enforcement to restore order and establish that there are consequences for one’s actions.

It never happened. Law and order never arrived.

Lawlessness and destruction ruled 2020, and you’d be silly to think conservatives didn’t learn a lesson or two from what they observed.

Don’t forget that conservatives love slogans like “live free or die,” “better to die on my feet than live on my knees,” “don’t tread on me,” or “give me liberty or give me death.”

Many think that’s all talk and no action because you never really see conservatives take that approach to action. But if they’ve also now learned that voting is a useless exercise because the aggressive left now runs the voting results, we may have finally reached a point of no return.

Sure, many conservatives will still try and claim the high ground by condemning any violence in support of their cause (an effort the left rarely gives), but that will ring hollow as more conservatives believe they are truly in a fight for freedom and liberty.

Conservatives were always taught, most recently by Ronald Reagan, that freedom is not free and requires constant defense. The latest tipping point is most likely upon us.

As I wrote a few days ago, 2021 is definitely going to be the year all hell breaks loose. Stay safe, but don’t sit by. I’ve never been involved in a violent altercation in my life, but with the aggression the left has shown us in the past year, it appears that, once again, war may be the answer.

And until any leader on the left starts condemning and advocating for the arrest of BLM/Antifa protesters (otherwise known as the new militant wing of the left), we are, in fact, at war.

Unless you have a better idea…