If you’ve ever moved from one state or city to another, or even from one apartment to another, you know what a fairly large undertaking it is.

Consider if you were deciding whether or not to leave your home country for another. Those who live in poverty, socialism, communism, or a country rife with government corruption undertake a huge decision and effort when deciding to flee for the United States.

There’s been an ongoing debate about immigration – legal and illegal – and how to handle people coming to this country. There are many strong opinions, and one could argue it shaped the 2016 election.

Regardless of your stance, I’m not sure we, as a country, ever take the time it deserves to truly appreciate what these people have experienced. We don’t stop to think about what circumstances they left and just how desperate some had to be to decide to come to the United States.

And if you immigrated legally, there are a great deal more hurdles that involve time, money, and process that takes a lot time and work to navigate. (I’ve always wondered why legal immigrants aren’t the staunchest opponents to illegal immigration.)

Part of determining what to do with them should include talking to them, listening to them, and hearing their stories. They’re often leaving horrible and oppressive governments and the poverty they created. They have stories to tell – mostly cautionary tales – that could serve as a critical element to teaching native United States citizens to appreciate this country and what makes it exceptional.

Instead, we do the opposite. We’re doing everything we can to destroy what it is about America that makes it a beacon of hope and opportunity for so many. Our leadership is doing everything it can to make it more like the places these people are fleeing.

Some people ask, in reference to our Democrat leadership, “don’t these people ever learn?” Stop asking. The answer is, “no.” They don’t. Who would have taught them?

Maybe they’ll listen to the immigrants they want so badly.

Or maybe, their solution to immigration is to make the United States worse than the country they’re fleeing so people stop coming.