As we head into the Georgia Senate runoff elections and the January 6th objections to the electoral certification, I think it’s critical that everyone remember this reality:

President Trump is temporary. The conservative cause is eternal.

Listening to many diehard Trump supporters over the last few years – and there are many, to be sure – I was sometimes concerned that we had crossed over a bit into a cult of personality.

President Trump did an amazing thing by waking up many Americans who had otherwise felt, rightfully so, disenfranchised from the political process, as well as elected and unelected government agents. Unlike anyone before him, he truly stood up to career government employees and those who think of themselves as elite members of the ruling class.

He exposed the governing elite for what they are – self-serving classists, bought and paid for by corporations and foreign governments. People who think they know better who never understood they work for us.

What some lose sight of is that Trump couldn’t have existed as a Democrat because he reduced the size and scope of the federal government, which is antithetical to Democrats. But it does represent conservatism.

It’s easy to lose sight of the relationship between Trump and conservatism because, up until the last four years, there really hasn’t been anyone in D.C. with the spotlight Trump had who fought for conservatism and middle America.

Those who came closest to sounding that way inevitably yielded to the federal government and revealed themselves to most concerned with their D.C. reputation.

But Donald Trump will be gone one day. That day may be coming soon, or it could be years from now. But conservatism is the answer, and it’s not going away any time soon. It needs to be articulated, taught, and defended – now more than ever.

We don’t yet know who will pick up the gauntlet and be the next leader of the conservative movement. But The Bubbler will always be home base for true, deep, foundational conservative thinking.

Sure, there are many sources for conservative news and thought, but none will give you the perspectives you find here. The Bubbler is not a conservative news site. It’s a conservative thought site. It’s a teacher for those who don’t know or understand the philosophy. That’s why nearly every post on this site is evergreen and always as timely today as it was when it was written.

Conservatism is going to be what saves this country. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, but as we wander in the wilderness searching for our way back, our compass is going to be following, teaching, and fearlessly articulating conservatism.