Up is down. Black is white. Big is small. And that parrot is pining for the fjords.

This is where we find ourselves in nearly 250 years since our founding. We’re told by government, corporate, and media elites that a virus with a 99.7% survival rate will kill us, violent rioting is peaceful protesting, all whites are racist, President Trump told us all to inject bleach, the virus will kill any guests you invite for Thanksgiving but not any Democrat politician speaking to protesters, Joe Biden wildly outperformed Barack Obama with the most votes in US history without having campaigned a day… and on and on it goes.

Most recently, they told us that Joe Biden’s inability to complete a sentence is due to a stutter he’s had to overcome in his life. Never mind the 47 years worth of video over his political career in which he’s always been able to say what he thinks (such as it is).

This entire year can be easily summed up by Monty Python’s famous “parrot sketch.”

John Cleese represents reality, and Michael Palin represents the leftist assault on it.

Sure, we could talk about George Orwell, but this video is quicker… and funnier.

(Oh, and Trump supporters are dangerous rioters while BLM protesters are peaceful…)

(That sign says “Trump/Pence out now!” by the way… and don’t miss the kick and stomp on the Trump supporters head after he’s down.)

These really aren’t hard to find…