“Cisgender,” another word for “normal”

I was just reading about a study from 2018, conducted by two Canadian researchers, who spoke to 1000 “cisgender” people about who they’d be willing to date: options including “cisgender” men, “cisgender” women, trans men, trans women, genderqueer, and any of the other 703,503,243 genders that we’ve invented. According to some lazy (read: Wikipedia) research, the word “cisgender” originated from some research work done in 1991 about transsexuals. One definition from the Dictionary from Oxford Languages states “cisgender” means “denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.” In other…

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Gender and science: who’s anti-science?

Professional Democrats label Republicans anti-science every chance they get. This is usually in the context of climate change, where “the debate is over,” but it bleeds into other policy areas, as well. They say that a stubborn faith in God gets in their way of understanding, valuing, or even believing what science tells us. Naturally, for marketing purposes, it’s an oversimplified attack, creating the impression that Republicans don’t believe the sun revolves around the earth because, well, God. (Democrats are, and have proven to be, superior marketers to Republicans in every way, shape and form. And it helps that…

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Selective science

The man-made global warming/climate change/ozone hole alarmists are quite adamant about claiming those who don’t agree with them are science deniers. You see, there is no debate. The consensus is that the future is certain (as it so often is), and that we are destroying the planet. The science, they say, is settled. And if you don’t believe it, you are a science denier. Funny thing, though, that these are the same people, so guided by science, who don’t believe that a person born a male is necessarily a male, and a person born a female is female. Who…

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