climate change

What is critical thinking?

I remember looking at a picture on a photography site. The picture wasn’t very memorable. What intrigued me was the accompanying statement: “Ever since my first encounters with many of the great photographers who inspired me, I became aware of the value of turning my attention away from the main event. So often, the temptation is to look where everyone else is looking. But, time after time, I have chosen to observe what’s going on by looking in the other direction – before, or after, or at the edges of the main attraction. There, I find the textures, moods,…

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Thanks, climate change

It used to be that you could take a straw, roll it up by both ends so you have air trapped in the middle, and then snap it to make a fun popping sound. The fun we’d have, rolling up straws. Poppin’ ’em. A friend of mine tried that with one of the new, environmentally friendly, compostable straws, and I have to say… it just wasn’t the same. Instead of a clean “snap!” it was just a dull thud. To which my friend glumly said, “oh… climate change.” Climate change, indeed. So much for fun, recreational, straw popping.

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Selective science

The man-made global warming/climate change/ozone hole alarmists are quite adamant about claiming those who don’t agree with them are science deniers. You see, there is no debate. The consensus is that the future is certain (as it so often is), and that we are destroying the planet. The science, they say, is settled. And if you don’t believe it, you are a science denier. Funny thing, though, that these are the same people, so guided by science, who don’t believe that a person born a male is necessarily a male, and a person born a female is female. Who…

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