global warming

Making sense of climate change

Consider the phrase “climate change.” (Or “global warming” or “global climate disruption,” as it’s also known…) Don’t think about it in the current cultural context. Just think about that phrase – on its own. Climate change is obvious. The climate is changing every single microsecond of every single day. The earth’s climate is probably the single most complex and dynamic concept man can attempt to contemplate – with the possible exception of humanity itself. What is “the earth’s temperature?” Think of the earth in terms of cubic square feet. Imagine the earth covered in one layer of one foot…

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What is critical thinking?

I remember looking at a picture on a photography site. The picture wasn’t very memorable. What intrigued me was the accompanying statement: “Ever since my first encounters with many of the great photographers who inspired me, I became aware of the value of turning my attention away from the main event. So often, the temptation is to look where everyone else is looking. But, time after time, I have chosen to observe what’s going on by looking in the other direction – before, or after, or at the edges of the main attraction. There, I find the textures, moods,…

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Have we overcorrected?

According to this article in Investor’s Business Daily, the earth has been cooling. So I guess we’ve overcorrected. Our response to global warming was to stop driving Hummers, remove the freon from our refrigerators, stop spraying aerosol cans, recycle everything in site, drive Prius’, pollute fairgrounds on Earth Day, and use no more than one square sheet of toilet paper every time you use the restroom (with no flush). But we apparently went to far, because we went from heating the earth too much to cooling it too much. I wonder when we’ll hear the calls to reverse course….

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