Professional Democrats label Republicans anti-science every chance they get. This is usually in the context of climate change, where “the debate is over,” but it bleeds into other policy areas, as well.

They say that a stubborn faith in God gets in their way of understanding, valuing, or even believing what science tells us. Naturally, for marketing purposes, it’s an oversimplified attack, creating the impression that Republicans don’t believe the sun revolves around the earth because, well, God.

(Democrats are, and have proven to be, superior marketers to Republicans in every way, shape and form. And it helps that people are willing to believe these claims about Republicans (or anyone, really…).)

And Republicans, having the worst marketing department in the history of marketing, hasn’t figured out how to address this. Well, it’s easy.

There is little science more fundamental and basic than gender. If you’re born with boy naughty bits, you are a boy. If you’re born with female naughty bits, you are a girl. Not much could be more factual or straightforward. Nothing could be more… science.

To believe otherwise would require blinding yourself to fundamental truth. Or, perhaps, faith in a religion? The religion of liberalism, where little adds up, and claims are taken as faith, in absence of evidence.

When boys and girls begin to grow up and start “identifying” as the other sex, we’re told to automatically help them adjust. Like giving a tattoo to a 12-year-old, some are letting their teenage kids get sexual reassignment surgery that many will later regret.

How would a boy know what being a girl feels like to even know they feel like they are a girl? You can’t know what it feels like to be a girl unless you are, or have been, a girl. (And aren’t boys notorious for having know idea what a girl is feeling?)

The fact is, if you’re born a boy, you are, and were meant to be, a boy. Same for girls. To deny this, or consider you may be the other sex, suggests you may be mentally ill. I’m not saying this lightly, nor am I trying to be funny.

There is plenty of literature and psychology journal work available through any online search that explores the mental issues that accompany gender dysphoria.

The Democrat marketing machine would automatically label me homophobic, transgenderphobic, and 50 other “phobics” for writing this. Mostly because my writings lean very conservative, if not libertarian.

So let me take this the rest of the way (another error the Republican marketing department constantly makes). I don’t find transgender people offensive, nor would I treat them any differently than anyone else. Why would I? They’re people, just like the rest of us.

And like the rest of us, they’re wrestling with ideas, concepts, and self-identity questions. We’re not all dealing with the same questions or issues, but we all have our own.

But in the end, it all comes down to science. And there’s little more observable, clear-cut science than gender.

When you’re a born, we can tell what sex you are – even if you can’t.