It may be time to stick together

Matt Walsh – one of my favorite conservative commentators – recently wrote: “Imagine how much more effective conservatives would be if we had even the slightest sense of camaraderie or just a little bit of loyalty to each other as compatriots in the culture war.” In response to an objection, he then wrote: Meanwhile, after Nikki Haley recently spoke at CPAC, MAGA War Room observed that the speaker’s hall was very empty for Nikki Haley’s speech – implying that no one wanted to hear her. I responded by pointing out it was empty for everyone… Doesn’t seem very controversial…

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Nation of consumers

A few weeks ago, I was stuck in an airport. Usually, I love airports. It’s great people watching. I love to travel. And every airport experience is unique. But ever since airports became a government indoctrination center where I’m forced to watch CNN, no matter where I turn, I’ve come to think of it as “stuck.” On this given day, CNN was running one of their historical specials in which they interview their cadre of historians and talk about major events with film footage from the time. They were focused on the late 1940s and 1950s, and they kept…

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