We’re forgetting what federalism is all about

One of the most disappointing aspects of the way we’re handling this pandemic is our general disavowal of federalism. The concept is that beyond the one, over-arching government body, there are multiple, smaller levels of government for each state, county, city, and town. And those people closest to those areas are better equipped to govern those areas than the federal government. Right now, we’re letting the federal government implement a one-size-fits-all approach to the entire country. But there are several problems. What’s happening in New York is not happening in Montana. The measures that New York, and New York…

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How does socialism kill people?

It’s not uncommon, when the topic of socialism comes up, for someone to say something like, “Do you know how many millions of people died in the name of socialism?” I’ve heard this said, but the conversation almost always move on without anyone really addressing it. Historically, we know that it’s true (at least most over the age of 25 do, anyway). Or at least we know that when there have been mass murders of populations, ethnicities or communities, the reigning government was collectivist, in nature. So, how does the one lead to the other? In simplest terms, socialism…

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