alexandria ocasio-cortez

AOC doesn’t trust her friends – should you trust yours?

On September 4th, Alexandrea Ocasio-Cortez wrote this series of tweets. Much has been written about Ocasio-Cortez being a fool. I don’t know her, so I’m not in a position to say. But it’s evidence like this that supports the notion. It’s not about whether or not she’s right or wrong. I’m more interested in what she’s really saying. If you’re a friend of hers, what she’s really saying is that she doesn’t trust you. In fact, she can’t trust you. No matter what her experience has been with you so far. Taken a step further, you obviously can’t trust…

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People always fill in the blanks (and are almost always wrong)

Perspective comes with age, and one observation that has become clearer as I’ve gotten older is that in absence of knowledge, people will fill in the gaps. And they will almost always be wrong. The current President Trump Twitter storm is just the latest example. On Sunday, July 14th, President Trump sent the following three tweets: Technically speaking, only a few hundred thousand people read the tweets. That means most of the people talking about it have gotten their information from either a news outlet, or word of mouth (friends, relatives, overhearing conversations, etc.) I first heard about these…

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How does socialism kill people?

It’s not uncommon, when the topic of socialism comes up, for someone to say something like, “Do you know how many millions of people died in the name of socialism?” I’ve heard this said, but the conversation almost always move on without anyone really addressing it. Historically, we know that it’s true (at least most over the age of 25 do, anyway). Or at least we know that when there have been mass murders of populations, ethnicities or communities, the reigning government was collectivist, in nature. So, how does the one lead to the other? In simplest terms, socialism…

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