Island of misfit professionals

We can debate whether things are getting better or worse as a society. But one thing we can all agree on: people are becoming more charitable with their time and money than ever before. With school systems and some colleges requiring community service hours, and corporations getting more involved, it’s becoming part of the culture. The Bubbler is doing our part by announcing the Bubbler Home for Bad Businesspeople House (BHBBH). We’ve all experienced it. We’ve all worked in places where there was plenty of talent, but just a few key people who’s presence insured that the company would…

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Misophonia: the not-so-silent killer

Today is National Misophonia Awareness Day. Misophonia is often described as the hatred of sound. But those who have it know it as far more debilitating. Misophonia sufferers experience negative emotions, thoughts, or physical rage triggered by specific, outstanding noises. According to WebMD, sound can trigger “a desire to kill or stop whatever is making the noise.” What none of the articles I’ve seen online addresses is the specificity of the rage that accompanies the disease. It’s not just a raw, unidentifiable hatred of sound. When you have misophonia, you quickly identify repetitive, staccato-like sounds that don’t belong. As…

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