liberal bumper stickers

The one way leftists take responsibility

Masks are the new bumper stickers. Just like liberals love to adorn their vehicles with Obama, Hillary, or Biden bumper stickers, or stickers with their favorite thoughtless slogans, now they love to self-identify by wearing masks when all around them have left them behind. I went to two grocery stores in the last two days, and even with the mask mandates lifted in Seattle (finally!), the stores were still full of people wearing their masks. Liberals don’t take responsibility for much, but at least they will reliably self-identify when it’s time to figure out who’s fault it is.

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Arrogance of liberalism

I’ve lived in five different cities in the United States, and another in Europe. No matter where I’ve lived, I’ve noticed one thing about liberals: when they speak, they assume everyone agrees with them. A week before the election, the head of my company addressed the company, and everything he said was spoken from the point of view that obviously, everyone in the company can’t wait to vote against President Trump. In conversation, liberals are not only fearless about stating their positions and putting down people with opposing views. (And when they do put down others, they usually do…

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Who’s responsible?

The nice thing about people who support liberal candidates is that they’re easy to spot. Driving around the country during the Obama years, it seemed everyone who voted for him had a sticker on their car. During the Bush years, and now the Trump years, it’s very rare to see cars with stickers for either of them. I realize I live in a liberal area of the country. But I also travel a lot, and I look for such things. Originally, I figured in Texas, I’d see more Bush or Trump stickers. But anecdatally speaking, I’ve found it far…

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