I’ve lived in five different cities in the United States, and another in Europe. No matter where I’ve lived, I’ve noticed one thing about liberals: when they speak, they assume everyone agrees with them.

A week before the election, the head of my company addressed the company, and everything he said was spoken from the point of view that obviously, everyone in the company can’t wait to vote against President Trump.

In conversation, liberals are not only fearless about stating their positions and putting down people with opposing views. (And when they do put down others, they usually do it without any awareness that the people they’re speaking to may actually be those they’re putting down.)

Liberals just assume they’re right, it’s set in stone, and they’re couldn’t possibly be opposition unless you were too stupid to hold their enlightened points of view.

Up until the 2020 election, it was largely liberals who went out of their way to adorn their cars with as many left-leaning cause or politician stickers they could find.

You didn’t have to drive too long to see a car with “Obama” or “coexist” or anti-Bush or Trump stickers. They were all over the roads. (And with Suburu drivers, even if they didn’t have stickers, the stickers were implied.)

Dedicated leftists believe everything is political, and they make everything political. And since everything is political, everything must be fought and argued. Dissent needs to be beaten into submission (sometimes literally). “The debate is over,” is a liberal construct that saves them from having to defend their point of view. It simply states, “You are wrong. Period.”

By contrast, conservatives don’t wear their politics on their sleeves. They understand that people hold different points of view based on their different experiences. Conservatives don’t need to win everyone over and make everyone bow down to their worldview.

This is part of the reason why conservatives are such horrible marketers. They have little interest in disrupting everything and arguing, so they don’t even try to make their case.

But things changed in 2020. With the pent up anger and frustration that came with lockdowns, coupled with the rioting, assaults, and vandalism that resulted from George Floyd’s death, conservatives watched liberals literally burn their cities down.

Enough was enough.

It may be about 50 years too late, but conservatives are awake and have joined the fight. The sheer number of Trump flags and rallies dwarf any conservative movement ever seen in this country. (With the possible exception of the conspicuous support for Lincoln during the Civil War, but we didn’t have the social media apparatus there to capture it.)

Liberals still assume everyone they speak with is liberal. And they can because conservatives will rarely engage and correct them.

They still assume no one will vandalize their car for having a sticker. But that’s because conservatives believe in doing what’s right and generally have a strong moral base.

But perhaps that tide is turning. Many conservatives believe our country is nearing a cliff. We may be at a turning point. Conservatives may have finally been pushed too far.

There’s a movement afoot, and whether or not President Trump wins reelection, I think we’re in for a hell of a four-year ride.