It’s not too difficult to find examples of people who say they were fired for their support of President Trump.

Whether they had a yard sign, were seen at a rally, posted something on their social media, or showed their support in other ways, many people claim this happened to them.

Yet, you don’t ever hear of anyone being fired for supporting Democrat causes. But this makes perfect sense.

It’s yet another illustration of one of the fundamental differences between conservatives and liberals.

Conservatives value freedom of expression, freedom of thought, and varying opinions. You can see this within the Republican Party, where there are many points of view and always arguments going on about what’s Constitutional and what doing the right thing looks like in any given situation. It would be very contradictory to a conservative’s ideology to fire a worker for (sharing) their political viewpoint.

Conversely, it is entirely consistent with the communist tendencies of a liberal to fire a conservative for sharing their viewpoint. You can see this every day in the group think exhibited by our left-leaning media, Democrat politicians, and Biden supporters. Dissension is rare, and no one leaves the reservation.

While Democrats claim to be full of love, empathy, and tolerance, that only ever extends to fellow Democrats. When it comes to conservatives, they have no such thing. This is why “cancel culture” begins and ends with liberals.

They have no tolerance for people who don’t believe, and if you ever express an idea they may find offensive, they will work hard and fast to dismiss you and make it as difficult as possible for you to ever work again.

Conservatives look forward to spirited debate and the opportunity to persuade. Liberals simply don’t tolerate it and work to extinguish any signs of varying points of view.

But as you can see in the second search result pictured above, unfortunately, 44% of young people think that’s ok, which is very bad for the future of this republic.