You will never hear conservatives calling for the elimination of any news source – no matter how useless or biased they are perceived to be. (And there are a number from which to choose.) The mainstream media is essentially the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. (Or, perhaps, the Democrat Party is the propaganda wing of the mainstream media…) But you simply don’t hear conservatives insisting they close up shop.

At the same time, with the Fairness Doctrine or through internet regulations, some liberal politicians are consistently trying very hard to shut down conservative talk radio and conservative news sources on the Internet.

Like shouting down a guest speaker at a lecture series – a favorite college tactic for dealing with people with whom they disagree – they often seek to quiet conservatives from speaking rather than engage them in debate.

Liberal politicians count on and must have sole ownership of the news to win elections. They require a public sheltered from alternate news sources so they can continue to manufacture “crisis’” like global warming. Who uses the word “crisis” more often than liberal politicians? It’s because they must have everyone panicked and not thinking clearly to pass their agenda.

(Hell, Obama was a community organizer. The entire purpose of his job was to get people pissed off.)

The only way you can get people to react hysterically and not think clearly is to make something a crisis, and the only way to get people thinking something is a crisis is with little reasoned opposition.

Hence, the effort to shut down conservative-dominated communication outlets.

Ask yourself why conservatives never propose eliminating all of the liberal media, yet liberals are actively trying to do away with conservative media.

This is simply another example of how conservatives love freedom.

While liberal politicians sometimes talk about freedom – and may legitimately believe in it – the policies they propose are, in fact, against freedom and for government control.