For the past four years, leftists in the media and in the Democrat Party have worked tirelessly and constantly to make sure every day of those four years has been a living hell for the entire country.

Every day, they threw all of the venom, hatred, accusations, made-up charges, allegations, and vitriol they could dream up at President Trump, his supporters, and the entire country.

Their goal was to make every pay for electing Trump and make everyone regret putting the country through this with a steady barrage of bitterness and by inserting politics into absolutely everything they could.

Then, when those four years were up, they asked us all, “Don’t you just want some peace and quiet again? Do you really want to go through four more years of this constant tension?”

And then they take it only where people with the unmitigated, brazen gall of the Democrats could take it: They blame it on Donald Trump for putting us through this and tell us that if we want it to go away, we need to vote him out.

It’s a helluva campaign strategy, and we’ll find out very soon if it proves to be effective.