facebook birthday notifications

The vernacular of birthday wishing

In those rare times when someone remembers your birthday (I say “rare” because it seems everyone leaves it to Facebook to remember these days), they usually hit you with a “happy birthday” early in the day to show you they remembered. Then, later in the day, maybe after dinner, you get a straggling birthday wish or two from someone you expected to hear from who probably should have known. Those birthday wishes always seems like someone called them and told them they’d better wish you a happy birthday. Is there a name for the point in the day when…

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Let your friends know Facebook is telling you to think about them on their birthday

Once again, I received another email from Facebook this week instructing me to “Let Maxwell House know you are thinking about him on his birthday today.” And once again, I made sure to get up early enough to call my friend and wish him a happy birthday before Facebook sent me their crutch. My friends are important to me, and so are their birthdays. Like people used to do with their friend’s phone numbers, I make an effort to remember my friend’s birthdays and wish them a happy birthday. But Facebook has leveled the playing field. Now, instead of…

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