diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is a blessing

Conservatives should rally around the diversity and inclusion movement in this country. All of the companies who are embracing diversity and inclusion and adding “D&I” staff to their human resources departments are opening doors for conservatives that had long been shut. Instead of having to hide their conservatism and sound like a liberal in job interviews and within their digital footprint, conservative candidates can come out of the proverbial closet and celebrate their diversity of thought in an environment that is now actively seeking it. We can only hope this emphasis on diversity and inclusion takes off across the…

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Diversity, but from who’s perspective?

One of the popular trends in management these days is giving the entire staff a personality test so we can understand what kind of people they are. Then managers are to learn how to speak to each individual in a way that resonates best with their varying personality types. One manager learning countless different ways to say the same thing to X number of employees. At the same time, companies are racing to see who can create the largest “diversity and inclusion” department in the their industry, so they can publicize their “commitment to diversity” and attract the employees…

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