all lives matter

All lives matter = racism

Well, this was fairly easy to predict, and here we are. Suddenly, #asianlivesmatter is trending. So let’s recap: Black Lives Matter = good Asian Lives Matter = good Hispanic Lives Matter = good Muslim Lives Matter = good Greek Lives Matter = good Italian Lives Matter = good Indian Lives Matter = good Female Lives Matter = good Jewish Lives Matter = good (though, depends who you ask) All Lives Matter = racist I think there’s an actual math problem here. I wonder, through process of elimination, who’s lives don’t matter.

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Some black lives matter

When you make blanket statements based on people’s physical characteristics or legal status, you’re implying, if not saying outright, that all of those people are the same and should be subject to, or the beneficiaries of, whatever position or policy you’re advocating. (I’ll give you a minute to parse that sentence…) For example, if you say something as simple as black lives matter, then it’s reasonable that you are held to the standard you set out: all black lives matter. That means, they all deserve your respect and care. It means they’re all worth fighting for. However, blanket statements…

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