accelerate the spread

Speed the spread

It’s time to stop following the science and start applying the science. A virus is a constant. We don’t have any effective way to kill it or eradicate it. We can only boost one’s immunity by using a vaccine to help promote the creation of antibodies. No one likes the COVID/flu comparisons, but like the flu vaccine, the COVID vaccine isn’t going to make it go away. COVID is here to stay. It’ll continue to evolve and mutate, and our bodies will continue to build immunities and adjust. It may wane over time, or it may strengthen to the…

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Accelerate the spread

Does anyone believe we can stop the spread of a virus? We never have in the history of the world. We’ve developed treatments, and we’ve found ways to contain a spread. But inevitably, a virus is going to travel where it’s going to travel, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. So, if we agree that it’s going to spread, why are we trying to slow it? When we first became aware of COVID-19, it made sense to take measures to slow the spread as we a) wanted to manage hospital admissions, and b) learn as much…

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