theory of evolution

Solving the evolution/creation debate

Evolution theorists will tell you that science says Charles Darwin ideas are proven and exactly correct. Creationists will tell you that God created the earth in six days, and Adam and Eve were the first people. Evolution theorists say Creationists (and Christians, in general) are anti-science. Creationists claim evolution theorists don’t believe in the existence of God. People… people… Why don’t we just accept that God created evolution. Now we all get to be right.

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The circle of life looks more like two parallel lines

There are many who believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution, which Darwin, himself, described as “survival of the fittest.” But aren’t many of those same people the ones working to keep various species from becoming extinct? Which is it? Seems to me, if a species is going extinct, that’s what evolution dictated. Unless… you don’t count humans as part of nature, but instead some hostile outside force.

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