solving traffic problems

Close the gap

It’s a simple idea, but one I think could significantly improve heavy traffic. Close the gap. In all situations. If you’re driving, and there’s a massive space between you and the car in front of you, close the gap. Catch up. This enables everyone behind you to pick up the pace, as well. I know, there’s this notion of two car lengths. But that’s only necessary because it rightly assumes most people are not paying attention so can’t react fast enough. But if you’re focused on the task at hand: driving, you won’t get caught trying to put your…

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My dream job

If I could do any job I want, I’d get in a police car and spend the days pulling people over who are driving slowly in the left lane of the highway. Growing up, we were all taught to drive in the right-hand lanes unless we were passing. The left lane was for faster cars to pass slower cars. One of my kids just finished driver’s ed, and I asked her to let me know if they still teach this. Turns out they do. But no one does it. If you drive for any length of time in the…

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