It’s a simple idea, but one I think could significantly improve heavy traffic.

Close the gap. In all situations.

If you’re driving, and there’s a massive space between you and the car in front of you, close the gap. Catch up. This enables everyone behind you to pick up the pace, as well.

I know, there’s this notion of two car lengths. But that’s only necessary because it rightly assumes most people are not paying attention so can’t react fast enough.

But if you’re focused on the task at hand: driving, you won’t get caught trying to put your car through the one in front of you.

Traffic slows down when drivers go the speed limit or under – especially when there’s a lot of traffic. So when there’s a bunch up of traffic, and then a massive open space, and then another bunch up, it evens things out if those in the second bunch catch up to the first.

People move faster. They get on and off the road faster. It’s science. It’s also thoughtful.

If you’re always guided by getting out of the way and thinking of what others are trying to do, you, too, can make traffic better for everyone.

If only everyone drove like me…