matter of perspective

Illegal immigration: today’s slavery

If you read enough (or any) conservative media when talking about public education, and you would think our high school history books are just teaching kids how racist we are. But this week, I was helping my teenage daughter study for a history exam, and I had a chance to dive into her history book. (I must confess, I had been anticipating this moment when she was born and I was envisioning my arguments with liberal teachers.) Surprisingly, I thought her history book was a very fair and balanced recap of history. The bigger crime wasn’t the ideological leaning…

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A matter of perspective

When I hear people say things like, “we can learn so much from our children,” I can’t help but think that it’s the adults who are teaching the kids, not the other way around. But last night, I had one of those moments that reminded me of what those people mean. The kid and I were sitting and talking and there was a glass half full of water sitting there. So I asked, “Do you think this glass is half full or half empty?” She thought a second and said, “It depends.” “If you started with an empty glass…

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