When I hear people say things like, “we can learn so much from our children,” I can’t help but think that it’s the adults who are teaching the kids, not the other way around.

But last night, I had one of those moments that reminded me of what those people mean.

The kid and I were sitting and talking and there was a glass half full of water sitting there. So I asked, “Do you think this glass is half full or half empty?”

She thought a second and said, “It depends.”

“If you started with an empty glass and filled it halfway, it’s half full. If you started with a full glass and emptied it halfway, it’s half empty.”

At first, I thought that was clever and a bit funny. But I quickly realized the profound nature of her conclusion. It takes it well beyond the limited “is one optimistic or pessimistic?” discussion.

The way people interpret things is all a matter of perspective and past experience. It’s why two people can watch the same event and draw such different conclusions from it, and it’s an important reminder to consider the experiences of others when entering into discussions or attempting to persuade.

As we get older, it takes a lot for many to reconsider or change their perspective, but I find myself most energized when I’m given an entirely new take on an old idea.

Her conclusion, in my opinion, was not only brilliant, but it forever changed the way I will think about that cliche, and I’ll most certainly be sharing it every time it comes up.