liberal personality traits

Masks: the latest evidence that politics is personality

The Washington Post observed on Saturday that whether or not people wear masks can be an indicator of their politics. It’s more foundational than that. This site was started largely under the premise that personality determines politics, and people’s behaviors indicate whether or not they are conservative or liberal (not Republican or Democrat). Of course conservatives are reluctant to wear a mask. Conservatives are inherently skeptical – especially of government, bureaucracy, and group think. Democrats mischaracterize conservatives as anti-science, but it’s quite the opposite. The wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth that is the media’s reporting on coronavirus…

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Desire to control – a reliable indicator of liberals

Caring about what other people have. Caring about what other people are doing. Caring about what other people are saying. These are all personality indicators of liberals. (Like all human traits, they’re not 100% reliable. But definitely directionally correct.) It’s why most Hollywood actors and actresses are liberals, and why those who follow them are, as well. By definition, actors care what their audiences think because the entire point of the exercise is to make them think and feel something specific. And to spend any mental energy caring about what celebrities are doing is take the focus off your…

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Telltale signs of a liberal

In the past week… I was at the hardware store at 7am and was the only car in the parking lot. It was a huge parking lot with spaces for hundreds of cars. As I was loading my purchased items into my car, with both of my back doors open, two cars entered the parking lot. One of the cars pulled up next to me, as if to park on my passenger side, hesitated, and then pulled in and through to the spot on the opposite side (her car now facing out). The second car, arriving from the other…

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