Caring about what other people have. Caring about what other people are doing. Caring about what other people are saying.

These are all personality indicators of liberals.

(Like all human traits, they’re not 100% reliable. But definitely directionally correct.)

It’s why most Hollywood actors and actresses are liberals, and why those who follow them are, as well.

By definition, actors care what their audiences think because the entire point of the exercise is to make them think and feel something specific. And to spend any mental energy caring about what celebrities are doing is take the focus off your own life.

Conservatives don’t care if YOU vote. They don’t care if YOU eat meat. They don’t care if YOU have a gun. They don’t care if YOU speed in your car. They don’t care if YOU recycle. The list goes on…

This morning, as I was driving on the highway, I was traveling faster than most of the cars around me. (Not unusual.) I was in the middle of three lanes and speeding up to move into the left lane. Sensing this, the car in the left lane sped up to try and prevent me from moving in front of him in the lane.

I don’t like to see this behavior rewarded, so I went even faster and pulled in front of him. Not surprisingly, he started honking and flashing his lights.

But then, he went back to his normal speed, and disappeared from sight within a mile.

He was not thinking about minding his own business and driving as fast as he was comfortable going. He was making sure no one else went faster than he thought appropriate. And after he lost his chance at control, he went back to, I guess, looking for the next opportunity to police traffic.

And, of course, he was doing all of this slower driving in the left lane (otherwise known as the fast lane).

I’ll never know for sure, but to me, that is a societal indicator that he is a liberal. Most conservatives would not have gone out of their way to affect the behavior of another.

Another real-world lesson in what drives our political beliefs.