importance of perspective

The steep price of experience

The first time you do anything is always the hardest. You don’t know what to expect. You don’t know what the experience will be. There are things you won’t anticipate. Once you have experience, you can start anticipating and navigating a bit better. You’ll be more effective. It’s a better place to be when you’re handling something big. Or is it? When someone you love is going through something horrible, it’s very difficult for friends and family to handle or navigate. Second-guessing is at an all time high. You’re always searching for the right thing, but rarely do you…

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A dose of perspective: now

The teaching of American history in our public school systems is clearly a problem. Between Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project teaching our children that the country was founded on racism and the nearly universal leftist bias of school teachers, our kids don’t stand a chance. Unless we teach them at home. That’s been well-discussed in conservative news outlets. But the problem is actually a level deeper than that. We need to teach our kids (and now adults) perspective. The facts are that the Founders did own slaves. There was slavery. Gays, women, and blacks only recently had…

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