driving lessons

Who doesn’t want to solve traffic problems?

Complaining about traffic is a national pastime. Especially during construction season (otherwise known as “Summer”) or for if you live in a high-density urban area. There are engineers who study the situation and try and create band-aid solutions which usually just create different versions of the same problem. Here’s a different approach: Driving is not a right, so let’s put people through some rigorous testing before we give them a license. There are a lot of drivers out there who’s inabilities are causing many of the messes. Why not just screen more aggressively and really make sure they’re up…

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Please be patient, student driver

I was riding my bike today, when I passed a car with a “Please be patient, student driver” bumper sticker. A sticker like this is asking people around them to behave differently than they otherwise might. How is this helping the new driver? Anyone driving a car is going to be subject to all of the unknown and mysterious whims, habits, rages, and peculiarities of every other driver on the road. The only way to prepare a driver for that is to throw them in and let them start experiencing the joy of driving first-hand. Obviously, the sticker is…

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