country of victims

What if we just treated everyone well?

Women aren’t treated equally. We have to start treating women better. They’re not inferior to men. They can hold their own in the workforce. They should be paid the same. We have to treat women better. But wait a minute. What about blacks? We have to start treating them equally. Black people are no different than anyone else. We have to stop shooting unarmed black men. We have to stop putting them in jail. We have to treat black people better. But hold on, what about gay people? We have to start treating them as we treat others. Gay…

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Other people’s privilege

A friend of mine, who’s of Middle Eastern descent, has been traveling the country trying to play golf in all 50 states. The sub-story to his mission is that he’s writing a book about diversity and inclusion within the golf community. His premise is that courses are not as inclusive as they could be. As we discussed this, we talked about the concept of “white privilege” and how the golfers he’s seen so far through his travels have been largely all white. His contention is that minorities don’t have as much access or are not welcomed the way whites…

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