suburu drivers

Suburu: official car of the left

I just watched a guy driving a Suburu five mph under the speed limit, alone in his car but wearing a mask, pull up to a light with two lanes. In the left side there were more than 10 cars. In the right lane, there were no cars. Naturally, he pulled into the left side (no, he was not turning left). This pretty much sums up everything I know about people who support socialism.

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They can’t drive 55

Having never owned or shopped for a Suburu, I’m hoping a Suburu owner can help me out with a question. Is there something in the Suburu purchase agreement that prohibits the driver from driving the speed limit? Perhaps all Suburu’s come with a governor to limit speed? In my 30 years of driving, it has been as reliable as the sun that if you get behind a Suburu, you will most certainly be traveling under the posted the speed limit. (Not to mention accelerating 0-60mph in never seconds and beginning your slow down for a stop light 300 yards…

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