stay out of the way

The perfect life

Living the perfect life means you were never in anyone’s way. You didn’t impede others from pursuing their own dreams and happiness. You didn’t block anyone else. You didn’t knowingly or unknowingly gum up the works for another. You didn’t prevent someone else from doing something they were trying to do. Likewise, it means no one ever got in your way, either.

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Change lanes with purpose

It’s a staple of Seattle driving. As normal as breathing. You’re on a two or three lane highway. In front of you is one lane with about 10 or 12 cars all going exactly the speed limit or a little under. Next to it (on either side, because people in Seattle don’t know about the whole “slow traffic keep right” thing), is a lane that is wide open. The only car you can see is past the lead car of the line of cars. If you’re an experienced Pacific Northwest driver, you hit the gas and try to get…

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