seattle drivers

How can such brilliant tech people be such poor problem-solvers on the road?

Yesterday, I was running through the crosswalk of a four-way intersection. The four-way intersection crosses a single-lane road with a two-lane road. I was crossing the single-lane road, against traffic. There were only two cars in view; both in the right lane coming toward me. They had a green light. Right when I started to cross, the lead car slowed down and put its right blinker on to turn right. He was going to turn in front of me, but waited for me to clear the crosswalk before he went. He came to a stop as he waited for…

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Pacific Northwest problem-solving

Live in the Pacific Northwest area long enough, and you’ll start seeing some patterns about how people navigate driving and walking. For example, one things area residents really struggle with is what to do when they encounter a car stopped in front of them. It’s not completely uncommon to drive down a neighborhood road and see a car stopped, with the driver speaking with a neighbor or someone they know who’s running or walking. The strange part is that you can almost take it to the bank that the car that drives up behind the stopped car will have…

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