data models are wrong

That something “could” happen is not news

This is not a new phenomenon, but it’s definitely growing more irritating as we endure coronavirus coverage. Sometimes it appears more than half of the headlines or television news stories are what “could” happen. Coronavirus could cause brain damage. Millions could die from coronavirus. We could run out of masks. Hospitals could be overrun. The virus could be deadly to young people. The economy could remain shut down until there’s a vaccine. Coronavirus could make men between the ages of 26 and 32 bowlegged. None of this is news because none of it is fact. Predictions aren’t fact. Predictions…

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Predictions aren’t news

It doesn’t matter who says it. It doesn’t matter what the data model says. It doesn’t matter what the poll results tell us. It doesn’t matter what the betting line is. When our the media reports on a prediction of the future, it’s not news. When a politician warns us of what they think is going to happen, it doesn’t matter. How many projected death toll headlines have you read since this pandemic began? 2.2 million dead. 500,000 dead. 100,000-200,000 will die. 50,000 could die tomorrow. Forget the pandemic. It’s everywhere. Shock polls. Experts say. Data models show. Biden…

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