cure worse than the disease

Forget the pandemic, Trump reacted too slowly on the economy

So much irony. So much getting it wrong. So much rewriting history. We’ve been told that President Trump was slow to understand and react to the pandemic, but most of the evidence suggests it’s just the opposite. He closed travel to China before anyone thought it was a good idea, and then they chastised him for it. He’s moved companies to produce the equipment we need. He’s been given credit (rightly or wrongly) for suggesting we can sterilize masks, rather than have to produce more in mass quantities. He’s given us sometimes useful daily updates to keep everyone informed….

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Perspective: the missing ingredient of the pandemic

I once had a political science professor ask our class what percent of the United States is urbanized. The guesses ranged from 20-60%. The closest person in the class? Me. I guessed 5% of the land was developed and urbanized. The answer now, in 2020? 3%, according to the last available data (2010 US Census). That’s 106,000 square miles of urban area in 3,797,000 square miles of the continental United States. Did you guess right? Were you close? People lose perspective because they think in terms of their own experience and surroundings. Especially if you live in or around…

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