conservatives anti science

The real purpose of the “anti-science” label

The idea that half of the United States adult population is anti-science is ridiculous and implausible. In this golden age of innovation, artificial intelligence, data science, global health (coronavirus, not withstanding), presence in space, and atomic energy, the idea that there’s an entire political party that is anti-science is foolish. But, here we are. Democrats have successfully branded conservatives as anti-science, and, as usual, the Republican Party’s marketing department, the worst marketing department in the history of marketing, has done nothing to address or refute the claim. So we at the Bubbler will take care of it for them….

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Conservatives have many friends who are scientists

Conservatives are often accused of being anti-science. Some say this because of the religious wing of the Republican Party and their belief in creation over evolution. In fact, it may actually be the other way around. (As an aside, I’m not sure why no one has ever seen the obvious compromise that God created evolution.) Take global warming. There’s more than enough evidence to suggest that mankind has little affect on our climate. There’s even more concrete evidence that says the earth’s climate is an ever-changing and dynamic organism that has been undergoing extreme heating and cooling since well…

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